The research at the Ceren site beginning with the initial explorations in 1978 and with the initiation of sustained research in 1989 has been supported by the US National Science Foundation, the Committee for Research and Exploration of the National Geographic Society, and the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Permissions to conduct the reserch have been granted by Arq. Maria Isaura Arauz and her associates at CONCULTURA in the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. The support of the non-governmental organization entitled the Patronato pro-Patrimonio Cultural has been invaluable in supporting the research in addition to opening the site to the public, traning guides, and creating an on-site museum.

The research teams have consisted of numerous students and professionals from various institutions in the U.S. They have included the following geophysicists: Hartmut Spetzler, Jim Doolittle, Frank Miller, Larry Conyers, and Jeff Lucius. Dan Miller is the project volcanologist, and David Lentz is the project ethnobotanist. Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett has provided ceramic analyses for each seasonís research, and Payson Sheets has analyzed chipped stone and ground stone artifacts. Harriet "Rae" Beaubien has been in charge of objects conservation, including many fragile organic artifacts. Dan Wolfman conducted archaeomagnetic dating of structure floors. Sean Murphy helped us devise techniques to study the hollows left by decayed organic items and cast them in dental plaster. Archaeologists who have researched various aspects of village life at the site include Brian McKee, Andrea Gerstle, David Tucker, Jeannie Mobley-Tanaka, Fran Sheets, Karen Kievit, Scott Simmons, Susan Villalobos, Linda Brown, and Paul Cackler. Research has been conducted under the overall direction of Payson Sheets.

A strong debt of gratitude is owed the Salvadoran workers, some of whom travel daily all the way from Chalchuapa to Ceren by means of packed and unreliable busses. The majority of the workers live in the nearby village of Joya de Ceren. They are a dedicated and capable group.

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